Stefanie Hoppe (Germany)

Cynological CV

Stefanie Hoppe, b. 09/24/1964

In 1967, the first boxer came into the family. The last family dog ​​died in 1982. Due to education and work, unfortunately, I was not able to keep dogs for many years. In 1997, finally, a boxer moved in and I became a member of the Boxer Club Munich on 01.10.1997. Over the years many different boxers, bitches and males followed, and we always had mixed packs at home. Currently, five boxers live in our family.

All dogs were and will be worked in the dog sport and led up to the IPO 3 and FH 2. I participated with five different dogs a total of 11 times in country examinations in IPO and FH. In 2010 I was allowed to participate in the German Championship FH with my Hummel von der Wolfskaul. In 2013 I became national champion Rhineland with Hummel’s daughter Amsel vom Zehnthof and started with her on the German Championship IPO.

Currently, four of our five boxers (nine months to three years old) are in training, the fifth dog is retired at the age of 11.

In 2005, the kennel name “vom Zehnthof” was registered at the Boxer Club Munich. 2007 fell the first and 2018 the seventh and so far last litter.
Since 2018 I have been a national group training officer of the Rhineland Regional Group.

My appointment as a Judge took place in 2012. In the past seven years, I was allowed to judge several times in IPO as well as in FH. In 2016, I was assigned to Division A at the German Championship IPO in Vöhringen. In 2017, I hosted the German Championship FH in Winsen / Luhe.