competition leader

Geert Zuidema

In 1990 I started at the BHN with a boxer and later with 2 Shepherds. After stopping this at the end of 1995, I started in 2005 with a boxer in the IPO at “Krinngroep van de NBC”. Among other things, I participated in the Gouden Speurlijn with my boxer Carlos. I am regularly employed as a tracklayer during exams. and last year I was active as competition leader at the Dutch Championships track all breeds of the CWH

Inge de Vries

My name is Inge de Vries born in Amsterdam, moved to the newest province of Flevoland in 1980 and since October 2011 my partner and I live in Nieuw-Weerdinge, Drenthe.
Originally I grew up with German Shepherds. I myself had a German Stand for 12 years that was unsuitable for hunting, later a Malinois where I participated in G&G and agility.
Since 1993 I have Briards, first 3 males and Kelsey is my 4th Briard. The 1st Briard was a dog that had everything in it and made me lose my heart to the Briard, because of their character, inquisitiveness, willingness to work, appearance and not being a fashion dog.
Dogs and dog sport are a common thread in our daily lives, my partner has been training KNPV since 1980. Once a year we try to breed a litter of KH Hollanders who mainly go for sport.
Together we have 1 Briard bitch, 3 Dutch Shepherds KH, 1 young German Shepherd from working line, 1 crossing Briard / Mechelaar puppy and 1 crossing Malinois puppy.
I trained IPO / IGP with my black Briard male and achieved IPO-1, I also trained IPO with my Briard bitch, but in the end I focused on tracking. With her I did 3x UV, VZH, IPO / A 1, 2, 3 and Sph-1 and she is also a NJK show. Now I do her mantrailing.
With our oldest Dutch female, I also focused on tracking, she also has UV, VZH, IPO / A 1, 2, 3 and Sph-1. And hope to achieve Sph-2 this year.
I do mantrailing with our 2nd Dutch bitch and am now working for VZH and UV.
I have also held various management positions at the clubs where I trained and at the Breed associations of the Briard and Hollandse Herder. Also a member of the Working Dogs Committee for the Nederlandsche Briard Club and the Dutch Shepherd Association.
I wish everyone from this place a nice and sporting search weekend with a lot of fun too! We will do our best to make this possible.